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ShareFunda.com is a community driven website; visitors from across India and the world visit this website. When you share knowledge on this website, you get following benefits.

  1. Exposure to larger audiences, across India and globe.

  2. Brand creation, people from different background, culture and geographical locations read and benefit from your content, you create a brand that you can monetize in multiple ways.

  3. No headace of creating and maintaining a separate website for yourself; this website is completely secure, database are backed up 24x7 and monitored to ensure that no spams, junks and irrelevant contents are posted.

  4. 99.x% uptime guaranteed from our server provider to ensure uninterupted access to your content from across the world.

  5. All content (approved) submitted by you on this website will be completely free, no hidden charges, no string attached and will be free forever.

  6. You can promote your social accounts or your own products from your profile section, by keeping direct link.

  7. You meet and interact with several like minded people, your grow your network.

  8. All posts are moderated, it is very unlikely someone trolling you or abusing you or misbehaving with you on this website. In case you come to know any, do let us know and we'll take appropriate action immediately.


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