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I have created this watch list and portfolio for next 3 to 5 years. I named it as Hidden Gems as I see them a potential multi bagger from here. Few characteristics of companies in portfolio are following

+ Huge Capex (either complete or in progress)
+ No corporate governance issue as far as I know
+ Available at decent valuations
+ Growing sectors or industries
+ Futuristic theme or at least not in dying theme
+ Mostly consumption based

Please do your own research before investing as these companies are based on my own research and experience.

Disclaimer: I am not SEBI registered and this post is a guidance and for further educational purpose.

Portfolio companies (11)

NamePriceCurrent PriceDate
1. BATA INDIA LTD. (Footwear) 1325.00 1625.80 (22.70%) 1/12/2021
BATA is trust-able brand for our last generations and this generations as well. Foreign parents will ensure no corporate governance and recently it is expanding into tier 2, 3 and 4 cities. Opening its own stores. Expanding into various segments like fashion, formals, informals etc.
2. Fairchem Speciality Ltd (Specialty Chemicals) 550.00 N/A 6/28/2020
Fairchem was recently demerged and Fair Fax has acquired great chunk of holding into this company. Promoters are experienced and its products caters to FMCG and other sectors. Its products are going to be in demand for next many many years.
3. Fine Organic Industries Ltd (Specialty Chemicals) 1894.00 2594.00 (36.96%) 1/12/2021
Fine organics has recently completed huge capex if you 1st quarter result of FY 2021. All these are going to give them revenue for next several years to come. Though this company is available at 30+ PE and a bit costly in comparison with other chemical companies in this sectors however I feel this will continue to be costly as management pedigree is good and have range of products that are used in consumption.
4. Galaxy Surfactants Ltd (Specialty Chemicals) 1432.00 2235.00 (56.08%) 1/12/2021
Galaxy surfactant is into surfactant manufacturing that is consumed as raw materials in shampoo, facewash, and other FMCG products. They serve various companies into consumption sector.
5. GMM PFAUDLER LTD. (Industrial Machinery) 3900.00 N/A 6/28/2020
GMM is into glass linen equipment and had huge capex in last few years and more capex is going to come in next few quarter. Its order book is already full and customer are in the queue to get the products delivered. MNC parent will help this company grow further. Though the valuation is high, its a buy on dips stocks and will keep doing well in next many years.
6. Indian Energy Exchange Ltd (Electric Utilities) 186.00 225.15 (21.05%) 1/12/2021
IEX is into energy exchange and recently jumped into Gas exchange too. It is a unique company and almost no competition in Ïndia. Though it is promoter less company however it is backed by many mutual funds and good investors. It is expected to do well in coming many many years.
7. NEULAND LABORATORIES LTD. (Pharmaceuticals) 551.00 1247.00 (126.32%) 1/12/2021
This company has a good capex and have around 10-12 products in pipeline to be launched in next 3-5 years.
8. PI Industries Ltd (Agrochemicals) 1550.00 2288.00 (47.61%) 1/12/2021
PI Industries is into agro chemical business and has range of products right from fertilizer, pesticide, herbicides etc. It is a proven companies and its R&D is very strong. They keep covering different areas of agriculture with their innovative products.
9. PIDILITE INDUSTRIES LTD. (Specialty Chemicals) 1387.00 1803.00 (29.99%) 1/12/2021
Pidilite Industries is a very good company and it has many brands related with adhesive. Fevicol is one of the great brand and a household name. It is innovating and adding new products almost every year. Now it has many products that are consumed as FMCG (useful for kids like colors, clays etc).
10. Tata Consumer Products Ltd (Tea & Coffee) 385.00 623.45 (61.94%) 1/12/2021
Tata has consolidated many businesses into one and now it has become very aggressive in expanding its range of products. Adding many products into its basket. The trust of TATA comes with this company. It already has many turstable brand in its basket and slowly acquiring brands that will only add its value.
11. UNITED BREWERIES LTD.-$ (Breweries & Distilleries) 1018.00 1258.00 (23.58%) 1/12/2021
Though it is a sin product company however it is expected to do well in decades to come. After acquisition from foreign companies, UBL is coming up with many innovative products. Its Kingfisher brand is a household name in India for Beers and other related products.
Portfolio return: 47.36%
Submitted by raja on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Wait for opportunity and grab with all hands like Eagle.

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Really nice ,,but all stock are costly,,,plz suggest lower rate stock for long term,,tenure is 5-10 years
Posted by Ritesh
on 8/11/2020 10:59:50 AM

Nice post Raja. Thanks, keep it up!
Posted by DynamicInvestor
on 6/28/2020 10:47:15 AM

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