Invest and sleep portfolio 1 - less risky more growth

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I have created this portfolio of Invest and Sleep type where most of these companies are either small cap or mid cap. The logic behind selecting this portfolio is balance approach (not specific to a sector), young and dynamic companies with known or reliable promoters based in earlier results.

There might be chances that these companies may not perform well however there are very good chances that these companies may perform very well and give very decent results if not multibagger returns.

The idea is to allocate equal amount to these companies and let it grow for 10 to 15 years without touching them.

Part 2 -

Disclaimer: I am not SEBI registered, this post is for educational purpose. Please do your own research before investing.

Portfolio companies (10)

NamePriceCurrent PriceDate
1. AAVAS Financiers Ltd (Housing Finance ) 1403.00 1989.00 (41.77%) 1/12/2021
Aavas financiers is young and recently listed company, have heard good about their promoters and it is AU small finance bank group company. Was growing aggressively precovid and expected to be back on track once things get smoother.
2. CreditAccess Grameen Ltd (Finance (including NBFCs)) 514.00 773.75 (50.54%) 1/12/2021
CreditAccess Gramin is microfinance company, recently acquired another micro finance company. Focus on rural population with 80% foreign promoters holding. Listed recently, went up to 1000 and now available almost at half price.
3. DIVI'S LABORATORIES LTD. (Pharmaceuticals) 2421.00 3765.00 (55.51%) 1/12/2021
One of the leader in API manufacturing and caters to 6 out of top 10 pharma companies.
4. Fairchem Speciality Ltd (Specialty Chemicals) 511.00 N/A 6/9/2020
Recently few companies are demerged and this company has come into existence. Fairfax has acquired considerable percentage of the company recently. Caters into oleo chemicals, aroma chemicals, nutraceuticals sectors.
5. HDFC Life Insurance Company Ltd (Life Insurance) 506.00 718.00 (41.90%) 1/12/2021
One of the first listed life insurance company from reliable HDFC group.
6. MUTHOOT FINANCE LTD. (Finance (including NBFCs)) 943.00 1278.00 (35.52%) 1/12/2021
Muthoot finance is gold finance and caters to rural as well as urban India. One of the reliable promoters group company.
7. Polycab India Ltd (Other Elect.Equip./ Prod.) 774.00 1212.50 (56.65%) 1/12/2021
Polycab is one of the known and reliable brand in FMEG sector, know for wire. Its focus in rural India and recently spreading across different electric segments like Fan, Cooler, Tubes etc.
8. RELAXO FOOTWEARS LTD.-$ (Footwear) 659.00 882.10 (33.85%) 1/12/2021
Relaxo is one of the known and trusted brand in sleepers, one of the old company and sector leader focused on rural India.
9. Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd (Agrochemicals) 264.00 319.25 (20.93%) 1/12/2021
Recently listed company with Japanese promoters caters to diverse chemical portfolio.
10. WHIRLPOOL OF INDIA LTD. (Consumer Electronics) 2050.00 2499.00 (21.90%) 1/12/2021
Whirlpool is one of the most reliable brand in white goods sector, leadership position in friedge, ac, washing machines etc. MNC company gives confidence that it will perform consistently.
Portfolio return: 39.84%
Submitted by PatientInvestor on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Patience doesn't cost anything but pays a lot in stock market!

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Thank you DynamicInvestor and Raja for the comment.

Keep learning, sharing and investing!
Posted by PatientInvestor
on 6/28/2020 9:42:25 AM

I agree with DynamicInvestor. These companies are great companies to own for a decade or so. Many can become multiplier easily from here.

Thanks PatientInvstor for sharing this.
Posted by raja
on 6/28/2020 9:37:41 AM

I must say that these are excellent companies to invest for long term. The part 2 of this portfolio is also great.

The only thing that is expected from an investor is to keep patient, do not look for price fluctuations every day and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Happy investing and thanks for sharing this PatientInvestor!
Posted by DynamicInvestor
on 6/28/2020 9:36:01 AM

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