Is it good to buy Bajaj finance in recession time?

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I am noticing that Bajaj finance has corrected from 4500+ to below 1900 in last 1 month. When the whole world is struggling with recession and people are talking about slowing down economy across the world, is it good to buy Bajaj Finance now? I feel there will be impact of slowing down economy on Bajaj finance and people will either stop their purchase or delay their purchase that will impact the business of Bajaj finance.

Please write your views.

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DynamicInvestor on 4/28/2020
I completely agree with you Learner. There will be huge impact on Bajaj finance at least for next 3-4 quarters. The real affect of Corona lockdown is still to reflect in economy. The current impact is only of lockdown however when the numbers will start coming in, the lockdown impact will be visible on the business, job, sales and almost everywhere.

So I feel, though Bajaj finance is a very good company with very dynamic management and proven compounder, we may get more chances to accumulate at lower level. SIP mode can be the the right strategy.

DynamicInvestor on 12/20/2020
If you see, it has already appreciated almost 150% since I posted this reply. Quality always rules.

Disclaimer: Response is for educational purpose.

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