How 20 lacs crores package of Modi is going to help India?

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Hi All,


Today Mr. Modi has announced package of 20 lacs crores for the different sectors, different level of people.


What you think, is it really going to help? What is your opinion about it?


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raja on 5/14/2020
My feeling is that it is going to help big time. The definition of Micro, Small, Medium scale industries have changed that will help them to grow and explore opportunities. PF % deduction and moratorium will help getting more money to the hand of people.

Focus on local is global will help Indian companies grow. More and more employments will get created. Let's see further announcements in coming days by finance minister however, I am happy with whatever has been done yesterday.

munna on 5/15/2020
Government is trying hard but body language of Nirmala Sithraman is always objectionable and people do not like her.

She will prove to be very costly for the BJP government.

On financial package, I feel it will help but slowly. The lockdown though it will be lifted but still the productivity in industries will not be as normal so at least 6 months of pain are there.


Learner on 5/15/2020
Thanks for guiding experts !

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