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I strongly feel that Equity or Share market investing is the best form of investing. Of course there is risk and as we can see today's scenarios most of the stock prices are down however if you compare the price of all good companies of what it was 10 years back, they must be many times more than that. Once you have invested in proven management and growth companies, you have peace of mind if your investment horizon is long.

Real estate investment on the other hand, has a lot of maintenance headache, related expenses, social attention etc. So i personally do not like real estate if it is for investment unless you have ability to maintain them on regular basis.

Regarding change in investing style and behavior, I feel there is be effect on 6 months to 1 year maximum and then people will forget it as they have forgot past crash and things will be back to normal.

So this is probably the best time to invest in SIP mode.

I agree with Munna. We should wait for a month or so before going aggressive.

Thanks Munna.
I would suggest to wait for few more weeks, that will give us clarity and direction to the market.

We never know where is the bottom so be patient.
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Best Practices

  • Do not borrow and invest.
  • Do not invest all your money in Share Market.
  • Do not invest all investible money in one company/sector.
  • Do not invest for short term.
  • Should follow SIP approach for investing
  • Do not blindly trust on multibagger tips or recommendations in media however get clue from them, research on your own, and then invest.

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