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Stocks market is like soil and stocks are like trees. Plant good trees, and let it grow , do not see every days otherwise you will get impatient and pluck it thinking it will not grow.

Leave it for years and you see your trees have really grown well and after few years you will realise it will start giving handsome fruits (dividend) also.

If you keep removing this tree from soil and keep shifting from one place to another, the chances are you will loose tree and time both.

Select good specifies of trees(company) that last long and give you shadow, leaves, wood, fruits.

Do not select grasses or small seasonal trees, it will be good for few months but ultimately it will dead and you will have to replant it.

Just a co-relation :)
Most of the time, when you see a company sales and profit growing consistently for last several years, EPS growing also in good pace. Even promoters holding is good and other parameters are also consistent but despite those things doesn't reflect in price. Then you must be alert.

Look at Alembic Pharma, if you see financial parameters everything looks good however the it has hardly appreciated in last 5 years.

There is something market knows that we do not. May be promoters behavior in the past for merger and de-merger of group companies has discouraged investors to buy this company shares.
Wow, big big economic package by dear Prime Minister

20 lakh Crore = 20,00,00,00,000,000

package. This is going to be a game changer for India.
Unpredictable behavior of market, a day of 10% down and next day 10% up. Nothing changes in market or company fundamentals but this behaviors are created by market makers. Stay firm on your decision of being in the market.

Buy at low and forget about the money for couple of years. Buy only solid companies.
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Best Practices

  • Do not borrow and invest.
  • Do not invest all your money in Share Market.
  • Do not invest all investible money in one company/sector.
  • Do not invest for short term.
  • Should follow SIP approach for investing
  • Do not blindly trust on multibagger tips or recommendations in media however get clue from them, research on your own, and then invest.

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